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Biathlon is a sport that combines the highly technical disciplines of cross country skiing and small bore rifle marksmanship. In order to provide Nordic sport enthusiasts with the best potential to excel at both disciplines, Vancouver Island Biathlon Club and the Strathcona Nordic Ski Club are excited to announce a joint initiative to coordinate programming.




With the new programming, biathletes will develop their skiing technique through participation in one of the ski programs offered by the Strathcona Nordics, while honing their marksmanship with the Vancouver Island Biathlon Club.


While the two clubs will remain separate, both clubs feel that by joining forces, we will be able to better serve the needs and aspirations of the Nordic community. Both clubs feel that participation in Nordic sports foster a potent appreciation of nature, healthy living, and community. With this belief and a long history of collaboration, it was only a matter of time before we integrated our programming.


The two clubs are working together to finalize the details that will encourage participation in biathlon while also enabling athletes to get access to the best cross country skiing instruction on the mountain. Membership in both clubs will still be a basic requirement.


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  • Nordic trails in Whistler are now open!! Check here for trail conditions.
  • November 29 - December 6: First Biathlon World Cup races of the season will be held in Sweden. Check here for full schedule.
  • December 27: Vancouver Island Biathlon Club AGM at Vancouver Island Mountain Centre.
  • December 27: VIBC hosting Try Biathlon session for EVERYONE who is interested - young and old alike!


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Pat Douglas, the President of our club, helps a young sharpshooter hone her skills with the rifle.  Biathlon is the perfect way to develop concentration, stay fit, and have loads of fun!