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Welcome to the heart of Biathlon on Vancouver Island!


Due to extreme fire hazards on Mt Washington, we are very sorry to say the planned summer Biathlon race for July 19 has been cancelled. If you have any questions concerning this please send us an email.


Are you curious about the sport of Biathlon? Are you looking to experience a new challenge, but don't have experience with this unique Olympic sport? Come out to Mt Washington on July 19 and try summer Biathlon! This race will combine the mountain biking and precision shooting, and is open to individuals of all skill levels and most ages. 

Check out the post below for more details. Registration deadline ends on July 17. If you have any questions about Biathlon or about the race, feel free to write us at 

VIBC Summer Biathlon Race (July 19)


Sep 12-13: Advanced Officials Course: This course is for those who have already taken the basic level, and are interested in learning more about this amazing sport. Visit the Sea to Sky Nordics website to learn more.

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Biathlon training doesn't end when the snow ends. There are lots of great ways to stay in shape over the summer - and many of these activities will directly contribute to your success as a biathlon. Here, Mari Laukkanen of the Finnish National Team stays fit on her roller skis.