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Welcome to the heart of Biathlon on Vancouver Island!

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Upcoming Events




* 27 Sept: Sea to Sky Nordics, formerly known as the Callaghan Winter Sports Club, will be hosting a summer Biathlon competition at the Whistler Olympic Park. For more details please see their website here.

Summer: For those looking to enjoy the beautiful environs at Mt Washington, the Vancouver Island Mountain Centre now offers camping at a rate much cheaper than most places!  Check out their website for more details at 

5 October: Get set for another mountain biking biathlon race! No experience necessary.  Just bring a bike rugged enough for gravel paths and get set to have fun. Registration at Zone4 here.  The race notice can be found below:

5 October Biathlon race notice
  • Membership is now due! Registration can be completed at:

  • There will be a non-restricted firearms course on Sept 5-6 in Black Creek for those looking to obtain their own Biathlon rifle.  This is the first step. Please call Kim Edwards for more details at 250 337.8898.  
  • Price: $75
  • What does this give you?  The right to carry a firearm, purchase ammunition. If you wish to be part of the biathlon club in any way it would be good to have this. Even if you only wish to participate in VIBC fun races, the course could have some value to you without necessarily applying for the license.