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VIBC is looking for left-handed rifles

In order to provide the best shooting experience for our athletes, the Vancouver Island Biathlon Club is seeking two left-handed rifles. If you would like to sell your left-handed rifle, send an email to 


  • June 4-5: Recreational Biathlon Camp in Whistler. For more details check out the website.
  • July 1-3: Competitive Biathlon Camp in Whistler. If you are looking to hone your skills and stay sharp for the winter, check out this great camp. More details on the website.


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A little video to get you pumped for summer training! Here, Karin Oberhofer trains in the wonderful Biathlon centre in Obertilliach. The Italian women's team, led by Dorothea Wierer, did great this season and it will be exciting to watch what they can pull off in the upcoming season.

Pat Douglas, the President of our club, helps a young sharpshooter hone her skills with the .22 calibre rifle.  Biathlon is the perfect way to develop concentration, stay fit, and have loads of fun!