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Welcome to the heart of Biathlon on Vancouver Island!

On behalf of the Vancouver Island Biathlon Club, we want to thank all competitors and supportive parents who came up to Mt Washington on January 18. Braving uncertain weather, these bold folks but in a grand effort to make the race a success. Indeed, without you, there would be no race!

While Biathlon is an exciting sport to try, it is also very rewarding to practise and improve. Below you will find the race results so that next race you can strive to achieve even better results. 

Because there are so many variables with this sport, every race is different. Sometimes the snow is fast (or not), and sometimes the gusty winds make shooting difficult (or not). Sometimes you are mentally focused and sometimes there are just too many distractions. 

For this reason we hope to see you all again at our next race in February! Be sure to also check out the frequent races held at Whistler Olympic Park, as these are also great fun. See you next time!


24-25 January: BC Cup Biathlon action at Whistler Olympic Park. More details here.

22 February: VIBC will be hosting a Biathlon race at our range on Mt Washington. Come out and give it your best shot! See our race notice for details.

** For a current Mt Washington weather forecast, please consult the Snow Forecast. 

**For those of you interested in following the professional Biathlon circuit, the competition season is currently underway. Results and videos of the races can be found here.

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There are so many ways to enjoy the sport of Biathlon. Here participants blast around the course on snow shoes before coming into the range.

February 22 Race Notice

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Biathlon BC is pleased to announce the 2014/2015 BC Cup schedule. This season there will be three BC Cup events:

BC Cup 1 – January 3-4 in Quesnel, hosted by the Cariboo Ski Touring Club

BC Cup 2 – January 24-25 in Whistler, hosted by the Sea to Sky Nordics

BC Cup 3 – February 28-March 1 in Vanderhoof, hosted by the Nechako Nordics

*   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *

This winter Québec City will play host to the World Masters Winter games. These Games offer an unparalleled opportunity to enjoy your favourite sport competing against international athletes in one of Canada's most beautiful cities. Information on events and registration details can be found on their website here

Biathlon fans will be happy to know that the best sport was also added at the last moment. If you are looking to compete in a Biathlon competition, one would be hard-pressed to find a better and more exciting opportunity.

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